Historical Flooding



Hurricane Able

September 1, 1952

A tropical storm, Hurricane Able caused major flooding, downed trees and power lines. A portion of the B&O railroad in Baltimore was washed out, 11 barges torn loose from moorings in Baltimore Harbor, and 21 cars/trucks swept up in torrents. A majority of the impact was in Ellicott City, MD.

Baltimore Sun | Light Street Flooding | Photo Credit: Dick Stacks


Hurricane Hazel

November 15, 1954

Hurricane Hazel caused extensive damage to homes and cars by way of uprooted trees, erosion damage and flooding of soil, trees, and shrubs. Winds in Baltimore reached 84mph and tides rose 7 feet above normal as 5-6 inches of rain fell in 12 hours, causing $8-10 million damage to homes and commercial buildings, and additional millions to bridges and roads, as well as utilities. 6 deaths occurred in Maryland.

Baltimore Sun | Point Lookout State Park


Hurricane Connie

August 13, 1955

Flooding along the Monocacy River caused major damage in Maryland, dropping as much as 9.5 inches in Prince Georges County. 10 inches of rain fell over three days, causing over $34 million in damage for Baltimore. In addition, 16 people were killed when a small boat capsized in the Chesapeake Bay.

Baltimore Sun | Light Street at Sam Smith Park | Credit: Edward Nolan




Tropical Storm Agnes

June 23, 1972

Beginning as a category 1 hurricane, Agnes was one of the costliest disasters in U.S. history, costing 21 lives and $110 million in Maryland alone. 122 people total lost their lives, with a price tag of $2.1 billion for the U.S.

Baltimore Sun/Loyd Pearson
Baltimore Sun | Flooding on Route 1 | Credit: Loyd Pearson


Tropical Storm David

September 6, 1979

David spawned eight tornadoes across Maryland, causing disastrous flash flooding in Baltimore.

Baltimore Sun/George H. Cook
Baltimore Sun | Flooding in Mt. Washington | Credit: George H. Cook

1990’s-Present Day

Hurricane Isabel

September 19, 2003

Isabel brought intense winds and extensive flash flooding. High storm surges occurred along the Chesapeake Bay and it’s tributaries. Over 570 homes and 15 businesses were declared uninhabitable from flooding. Isabel cost Baltimore $4.8 million and left 70,000 people without power in the city.

Fells Point Recreation Pier Flooding


Tropical Storm Ernesto

September 1, 2006

Five to ten inches of rain fell along the Virginia and Maryland coasts, with storm tides up to six feet, causing significant flooding and water quality issues in the Chesapeake Bay.

Tropical Storm Hanna

September 5-6th, 2008

Hanna made landfall in South Carolina and slowly moved up the Atlantic Coast. While the eye of the storm stayed east of Baltimore, high winds and heavy rainfall caused extensive flooding.


Hurricane Irene

August 31st-September 9, 2011

Heavy winds in excess of 60mph spawned tornadoes on the lower Eastern Shore. Central Maryland saw 3-5 inches of rain and more than 200,000 customers lost power.

Trees down on Falls Road | Photo Credit: Maria Dennis
Trees down on Falls Road | Photo Credit: Maria Dennis