Offset Grants

Critical Area Offset Fee Fund Grant Program

Where the requirements for development projects cannot be met on site, mitigation can occur off-site, at a different location in the Critical Area.  Such off-site mitigation is not always possible.  In these cases, developers may be allowed to pay into the CAMP Offset Fee Fund, managed by the Department of Planning.

The Baltimore City CAMP Offset Fee Fund may be used for activities that support the goals of CAMP, but their use must first be approved by the state’s Critical Area Commission.  CAMP Offset Fee Fund monies have supported a variety of programs and projects, including:

  • Green jobs programs that result in on-the-ground improvements to Baltimore’s parks, trees, schoolyards, shorelines, and other public spaces.
  • Water quality monitoring in the Inner Harbor and public education about the results.
  • Asphalt removal, re-planting projects, and educational activities at schools.
  • Inventorying of the city’s tree canopy and planting of new street trees.

The City of Baltimore accepts proposals from non-profit organizations wishing to access CAMP Offset monies.  This application is released on an annual basis to encourage existing and prospective grantees to come up with exciting ideas for CAMP-funded projects that will improve quality of life and the quality of our waterways in Baltimore.  Any community group, non-profit, faith-based organization, or other non-profit institution may apply.  An organizational bank account is required.  A fiscal agent may be used, if necessary.  Preference may be given to organizations with a mission and track record that aligns with the CAMP goals.

All proposals must meet one or both of the two state-wide goals of the Critical Area law:

  • To improve water quality by reducing stormwater pollution
  • To conserve and protect wildlife habitat

Strong proposals should also meet two or more of the following criteria:

  • Improve quality of life for the citizens of Baltimore
  • Provide opportunities for Baltimore City residents, such as education, internships or jobs
  • Take advantage of opportunities for collaborations and for the leveraging of resources
  • Align with other relevant plans that have been adopted on a community-wide or city-wide basis

The application period is now open! The application form can be downloaded here.

The City of Baltimore is now accepting applications for the 2017 Critical Area Management Program Grants. Awards will be between $5,000 and $49,900. All non-profits are eligible to apply, including those that already have grants from the program, as long as their reporting is up to date.

Applications are due on Wednesday, March 1st, 2017 at 5:00pm. If you have any questions, please contact JaLeesa Tate at or 410-396-8718.