What You Can Do …

A livable and sustainable Baltimore has a fair and inclusive community with access to resources and education, a healthy environment, and a thriving economy. Through this planning effort, The Baltimore Office of Sustainability, and it’s partner organizations, YOU have the ability to shape the future of Baltimore. Individuals of all ages are encouraged to participate in going planning and initiatives.

Join Us!

Attend community events and seminars!

The community holds a number of stakeholder meetings, educational seminars, and sustainability-related events. Follow our calendar to find your next event!

Commission Meetings

Monitoring the progress of the Sustainability Plan, The Commission on Sustainability invites the community to attend public meetings every 3rd Tuesday at 4pm in our office, 417 E. Fayette St., 8th Floor.

Get your whole family involved!

The Office of Sustainability has several youth environmental programs. Their leaders are empowering the next generation to create healthier and more vibrant communities. Get your family involved today!

Revitalize your neighborhood

The Growing Green Initiative (GGI) aims to redevelop vacant land, strengthening the social fabric of neighborhoods and providing additional resources for it’s inhabitants. Find out how you can get involved and green your neighborhood today!

Take Action at Home/Work/School

Ensure you are prepared

Baltimore is vulnerable to a number of natural hazards. Do you have a plan in place in the event of an emergency? Have you protected your property? Are you familiar with Baltimore’s emergency resources? Prepare yourself today!

Increase the efficiency of your energy use!

Are you aware of programs available to assist with weatherizing your property or increasing the efficiency of it’s energy usage? Did you know that our energy usage is our greatest contribution to climate change in Baltimore? We can help you save money and energy today!

Invest in community supported agriculture

Did you know there are many urban farms that provide fresh produce to individuals in Baltimore? Have you visited your local farmers market? Learn more about urban agriculture in Baltimore and how you can get involved today!