#EveryStoryCounts – Fabiola Lopez


In my case, I don’t speak English. I’ve been invited to attend community meetings with the police, even meetings where I knew there’d be translation. But I didn’t dare. Why? Because I know I’m going to be the only one there like me and I feel uncomfortable. It’s not that people are rude, not at all. It’s simply because I felt alone as the only Latina. I think one of the changes groups like ours bring is self-confidence. On my street, there’s a vacant next to my house. Some people moved in and made me feel unsafe. Before, I wouldn’t talk to the police because I was always scared it would come out worse for me. But because of my work with the Comité and the friendships I’ve made with other advocates, I knew what to do and who to talk to, and the police did come and help me. It’s the same for garbage, healthcare, education. My neighbors come and tell me their problems and through the Comité I have something that can help them. We have confidence, not fear.

— Fabiola Lopez, Co-Founder, Comité Latino de Baltimore

Photo by Andy Dahl.

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The #EveryStory Counts Campaign

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