About Us


The Office of Sustainability is a resource, catalyst, and advocate for a sustainable and resilient Baltimore. The Office integrates the principles of environmental integrity, social equity, and economic prosperity into plans, practices, policies, and partnerships. Our goal is to provide innovative solutions to our City’s challenges while engaging, educating, and motivating all sectors of Baltimore.

Our Work

We define sustainability as “meeting the environmental, social, and economic needs of Baltimore without compromising the ability of future generations to meet these needs”.

The Baltimore Office of Sustainability develops and advocates for programs, policies, and actions by government, citizens, businesses, and institutions that improve the long-term environmental, social, and economic viability of Baltimore City. In addition to overseeing and tracking the implementation of the Baltimore Sustainability Plan, the Office integrates sustainability into City government operations and collaborates with other individuals and organizations working to advance community health and vibrancy.

This website was created as a resource for the Baltimore community to learn more about the goals of the Sustainability Plan, as well as gain exposure to the many efforts underway to make Baltimore a sustainable, livable, vibrant community.

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