Growing Green Initiative


The Growing Green Initiative (GGI) is a City-led effort to use sustainable, innovative, and cost-effective practices for stabilizing and holding land for redevelopment, and reusing vacant land to green neighborhoods, reduce stormwater runoff, grow food, and create community spaces that mitigate the negative impacts of vacant properties and set the stage for growing Baltimore.  This initiative will support a number of other City initiatives and goals, including:

  • Stabilize distressed neighborhoods by greening and maintaining vacant lots so that they are assets and not liabilities
  • Strengthen the social fabric of neighborhoods by helping communities and non-profits adopt and green vacant land
  • Attract new development by re-using vacant land for permanent, public benefit – such as strategically placed new open space
  • Support City MS4 stormwater permit requirements, and support new economic development by providing opportunities to construct cost-efficient stormwater management best-management practices on vacant land
  • Increase the City’s tree canopy by planting trees on or near vacant lots
  • Create jobs and job training opportunities and increase access to locally grown, healthy foods in Baltimore’s food deserts by creating new farms on vacant land

The Growing Green Initiative utilizes the Green Pattern Book as a tool to guide planning and implementation of greening vacant land. Follow the link for more details on the book and it’s content.

The Growing Green Initiative is also engaged in a number of projects and partnerships. Follow the links for more details.

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