Green Schools



The Maryland Green Schools Award is a nationally recognized program led by the Maryland Association for Environmental & Outdoor Education (MAEOE) which recognizes schools for their efforts in environmental sustainability. Schools that participate in the program empower youth to lead the charge in reducing their environmental impact, promoting environmental literacy, and encouraging community-wide sustainability.

The Green Schools program is the regional gold standard for going green. By “greening” our schools, we provide a healthy environment for students and staff, improve academic performance, and save money. Through an environmentally-based education, children learn the impacts they have on their local and global communities, empowering them to become better stewards of the planet and the future.

Why go green?

Everyone wants a healthier world, and school is the perfect place to start. Going after recognition as a Green School motivates your school community to achieve a big, transformative goal! It’s an engaging and inspiring way to forge connections between students, staff, and neighbors. Environmental and outdoor activities are also linked to a wide variety of cognitive, emotional, and behavioral benefits for students. Recent research shows that schools that certify as Maryland Green Schools have higher test scores on average afterwards.

A few things you get for becoming a Maryland Green School include:

  • School-wide pride in environmental activities
  • A structure for encouraging community partnerships
  • Visibility as a model for other schools and for the local neighborhood
  • A Certificate of Recognition from Mayor Catherine E. Pugh
  • A Maryland Green School Flag
  • Access to a higher level of funds through the Green, Healthy, Smart Challenge grant program
  • A big win to put on other grant applications

How can my school become a Green School?

First, put together a team of teachers, administrators, students, parents, custodians, and others who want to help. Next, learn about the program, document what you’re already doing, and fill in the gaps where you could be doing more.

The Office of Sustainability and City Schools have put together this presentation to walk you through how to certify as a Maryland Green School. MAEOE has more detailed information in their Application Guide.

You must submit an Intent to Apply, along with a $75 fee, by December 16, 2017. The full application, usually submitted in the form of a website, is due on March 17, 2017.

Reach out to us for examples, ideas, connections, and help with the application process! Contact or 410-396-1670 for assistance.

Schools must recertify every four years to remain current. Applications are non-competitive — all applicants that meet the requirements will be accepted.

What are green schools doing?

Who’s green?

Forty-two schools (32 public, 10 independent) in Baltimore City are certified Maryland Green Schools as of May 2017. Schools that newly certified or re-certified in 2017 are in bold below. Links lead to online Green School applications where you can see detailed examples of the school’s work.

Congratulations to our Green Schools — we are so proud of your leadership!

(I) = Independent.

* = Sustained (this means that the school has recertified three times, and is now considered a Green School in perpetuity).