Green Schools



The Maryland Green School Awards Program is a nationally recognized program, led by the Maryland Association for Environmental & Outdoor Education (MAEOE), allowing schools and communities to evaluate their efforts in environmental sustainability. Schools that participate in the program empower youth to lead the charge in reducing environmental impact, promoting environmental literacy and encouraging community-wide sustainability efforts.

The Green Schools Program is the regional gold standard for going green. By “greening” our schools, we provide a healthy environment for both students and staff, improve academic performance, and save money which can then be spent on educational resources. Through an environmentally-based education, children can be taught the impacts behaviors have on their local and global communities, empowering them to become better stewards of the planet and the future. Schools must recertify every four years to remain current.

Why go green?

Going after recognition as a Green School motivates your school community to achieve a big, transformative environmental goal! It’s an engaging, exciting, and inspiring way to forge connections between students, staff, and neighbors. You can do it, and we want to help!

There are multiple rewards and incentives for becoming a Green School:

  • School-wide or Center-wide pride in environmental activities
  • A structure for encouraging community partnerships
  • Visibility as a model for other schools and for the local neighborhood.
  • Statewide and local recognition
  • A Maryland Green School Flag
  • A native Maryland tree from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR)

Read the Study of Green Schools & Students Academic Achievement Report and learn how becoming a Green School could accelerate students’ performance in the classroom!

How can my school become a Green School?

There are five strategies to help guide students and administration to becoming a green school

  • Incorporate sustainability into curriculum and activities
  • Build and retrofit green school buildings
  • Adopt a green facilities management guide for school operations
  • Implement a teacher training and certification program for sustainability
  • Recognize schools making strides in sustainability

Form a “Green Team” made up of staff, students, and volunteers and see what you can do to make a difference!

The deadline for submission of “Intent to Apply” form and fee will be in winter 2016/2017.

Reach out to us for examples, ideas, connections, and help with the application process or apply for a Green, Healthy, Smart Challenge Grant to get funding for environmental efforts at your school! Contact or 410-396-1670.

Additional Resources

Guide on Getting Started
Green School Pre-Assessment
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Green School Resources
MD Green School Review Rubric
Apply for a Green, Healthy, Smart Challenge Grant

What are green schools doing?

Who’s green?

Forty-two schools (32 public, 10 independent) in Baltimore City are certified Maryland Green Schools as of 2016. Schools that newly certified or re-certified in 2016 are in bold below. Links lead to online Green School applications where you can see detailed examples of the school’s work.

Congratulations to our Green Schools — we are so proud of your leadership!

(I) = Independent.

* = Sustained (this means that the school has recertified three times, and is now considered a Green School in perpetuity).