Documents & Maps

Public Meeting #3 Documents

Two public meetings were held in May 2017 to share progress and get public feedback for the Green Network Plan.  Materials were shared through a series of information and feedback stations. Follow the links below to review the materials shared at the meetings.

During the month of June, an online survey was available for those interested in reviewing the Vision Plan materials and submitting feedback online. Feedback gathered through the survey along with feedback from the May meetings is being incorporated into the Draft Green Network Plan document to be released for public comment this fall.

Green Network Plan Overview Materials
The overview materials provide an introduction or review of materials developed and shared earlier in the planning process. The materials include an overview of the plan purpose and process, the vision, guiding principles, and goals developed for the plan based on ideas generated at the June 2016 public meeting, and an overview of the data analysis used in the development of the draft Green Network Vision Plan.

Nodes and Corridors – Definitions & Examples
The draft Green Network Vision Plan is made up of nodes and corridors.  These materials introduce the various types of nodes and corridors.

Green Network Vision Plan Overview Presentation
This presentation provides an overview of the draft Green Network Vision Plan, showing how the proposed nodes and corridors build off of existing green spaces throughout the city.  The links below allow for a closer look at the Draft Vision Plan (nodes and corridors), the Draft Vision Plan Nodes, and the Draft Vision Plan Corridors.

Draft Vision Plan

Draft Vision Plan – Nodes

Draft Vision Plan – Corridors

Green Network Plan Draft Visual Glossary
The Green Network Plan Draft Visual Glossary supports the Draft Vision Plan by providing examples of the types of projects or improvements that could be implemented for the various types of nodes and corridors as part of the Green Network Plan.

Green Network Focus Areas Overview
These materials provide an overview of the Focus Area planning process and the locations of the four initial focus areas for the Green Network Plan.  The links below allow for a closer look at the plans and pilot project ideas developed for each of the four focus areas.

East Focus Area (South Clifton Park & Broadway East)

Central Focus Area (Upton, Druid Heights, Penn North, & Reservoir Hill)

West Focus Area (Harlem Park & Sandtown-Winchester)

Southwest Focus Area (Boyd-Booth, Shipley Hill, & Carrollton Ridge)

Recommendations & Participatory Budgeting Activity
Materials include draft recommendations related to Implementation and Funding & Financing of the Green Network Plan, a participatory budgeting activity related to the costs of different types of green spaces, and infographics on the benefits of greening.

Public Meeting #2 Documents

Two public meetings were held in November 2016 to share progress and get public feedback for the Green Network Plan.  Following an overview presentation, participants at each meeting had the opportunity to review feedback received at the June public meeting, learn more about the process and advisory groups, and participate in three mapping stations.  Follow the links below to review the overview presentation, information station materials, and mapping activity feedback.

Green Network Plan November Meeting Presentation (PDF)

Green Network Plan Process Overview (PDF)

Green Network Site Suitability Mapping Overview (PDF)


Public Meeting #1 Documents

Over 130 people attended the first Green Network Plan public meeting, held at Mother Seton Academy on June 15, 2016.  We received great feedback on goals, green space preferences, and locations for potential greening, demolition, and stabilization of vacant properties.  Follow the links below to review the overview presentation from the beginning of the meeting and summaries of the feedback received through the project goals, greening examples, and greening, demolition, and stabilization location mapping activities.  

Green Network - Public Meeting
Green Network Public Meeting Presentation (PDF)

Green Network Public Meeting Goals Activity Summary (PDF)

Green Network Public Meeting Greening Examples Activity Summary (PDF)

Map Gallery

We have prepared a Map Gallery (below) featuring map information related to vacant properties and Baltimore’s green space network.  As work on the plan progresses, additional maps and documents will be added.

Housing Market Typology (2014) (PDF)

Existing Green Network w Vacants
Existing Green Network & Existing Vacant Property (PDF)

Existing Green Network w GGI Projects
Existing Green Network & Growing Green Initiative Projects (PDF)