Projects with Partners

Healthy Harbor Initiative


Working in conjunction with the Baltimore Waterfront Partnership, the Healthy Harbor Initiative works to restore and protect Baltimore Harbor. Annually, stormwater, sewage and trash all threaten the health of the Harbor. These conditions are threatening the livelihood of our natural systems and increasing the potential for waterborne disease.

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Green and Healthy Homes


The aim of the Green and Healthy Homes initiative is to create and advocate for healthy, safe and energy efficient homes. A national organization, Baltimore City began participating in this program in 2011, making a commitment to making Baltimore homes and communities healthy and safe.

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Central Maryland Transportation Alliance Report Card


The Central Maryland Transportation Alliance, an initiative of the Baltimore Community Foundation, conducts an annual report card to evaluate the ability of transportation to grow the economy, provide varied choices of transportation and keep the environment healthy. This Report Card, created in conjunction with the Baltimore Office of Sustainability, aims to be the catalyst for improving the region’s transportation.

Read the 2015 Annual Transportation Report Card


Details Deconstruction


In conjunction with Humanim, Details Deconstruction was created as a social enterprise in Baltimore, working to use deconstruction as a means to create employment opportunities, reduce the quantity of waste set to landfills, and salvage materials for reuse.

Track the Progress of Details Deconstruction!

Learn the anatomy of a Baltimore city row-house and how it is deconstructed!

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Baltimore Center for Green Careers


Partnering with CivicWorks, the Center for Green Careers was established to make Baltimore’s economy more equitable and sustainable by training residents for jobs in the emerging green economy. The B’more Green program provides training for unemployed and underemployed residents in brownfield remediation and home energy efficiency.

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Greater Baltimore Wilderness Coalition

The Baltimore Office of Sustainability is part of this voluntary alliance of public agencies, non-governmental organizations, professional associations, and conservation coalitions working together to protect and further connect green infrastructure in fulfillment of four key values: resilience, equity, biodiversity, and discovery.

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National Wildlife Foundation Certified Community Wildlife Habitat


The Office of Sustainability is working with the National Wildlife Foundation and other partners to help Baltimore become certified as an NWF Community Wildlife Habitat.  This includes greening streets, backyards, schools, parks, businesses, and places of worship in ways that are beneficial to wildlife.  Click here to learn more about how you can contribute to this goal by greening your backyard or other places in your community.

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