Sustainability Plan – UPDATE

The Sustainability Plan Update is currently closed for public comment. The plan is currently being edited.  If you have a burning thought or question, please email

We are in the process of drafting the rewrite to the citywide Sustainability Plan, together, with the residents of Baltimore. Our current plan was adopted in 2009, and although it was an excellent plan, much has changed on the ground and in our communities over the last eight years. The rewrite is being done using an equity lens, adding concrete metrics and a broader definition of sustainability to emphasize people and prosperity as well as the planet.

We’re very lucky to have strong ties with Baltimore’s communities through the Baltimore Commission on Sustainability and our partnerships. But we know that one of the best ways to connect with people and learn what they’re doing and what they need is to empower experts and leaders from communities to take the lead. You are the ones best placed to spread the word and listen to what your friends and neighbors are saying. That’s why we’re encouraging people to help get their neighbors involved in making sure the new sustainability plan reflects what’s most important to all our residents.

Our priority in this process and for the plan is equity. We want to make sure every story and every voice truly counts. We will address the many facets of racial inequity across the city. We aim to institutionalize issues of equity into the core workings of city government planning and implementation. Not only will this improve sustainable land use, biodiversity, energy efficiency, resiliency, and the overall economic climate of the city, it’s also simply the right thing to do.

Be a part of the process. Sustainability is about us — about what all of us do together to make our communities and our city stronger — and every story counts.

Check out this video to learn more:


Process Timeline:

Summer- November 10th 2017 – Comment period

Winter 2017-2018 – Finalizing drafts, making edits, design and layout

April Town Hall Meeting – Plan release